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Seattle, Washington

Say Yes to BoyManDude! Repurposed images and one-color graphics from the underground.

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Say Yes to BoyManDude! Repurposed images and one-color graphics from the underground.

Designs meant to be worn and exploited by Musicians, Artists, Influencers and other Creatives.

Real "T-shirt Connoisseurs" know that a T-shirt can turn anyone into a mobile billboard for their cause, whatever that may be. Some people prefer to be Branded with corporate logos while others show their independence by avoiding those images like a plague. "These are my people.” says, BoyManDude.

When asked about his graphic concepts, BoyManDude explains Last Door On The Left graphic this way, "Look, all I can say is during my life's eclectic evolution I've literally seen hundreds of thousands of T-shirts with graphics on them -- some good, some bad. personally, I'm not a fan of cute. defiantly not a fan of punny. In general, I prefer to be misunderstood. That's why the visual concepts in my gallery of LDOTL graphics unquestionably manipulate the observer, celebrate alternative lifestyles, and exploit fonts -- present-day graphics employing resurrected images."

Anyone of any gender, knows that a regular weight, extra soft, and heavyweight cotton T-shirt is a lot more than just a casual everyday garment. For most it is an outward expression of your inner self (or something like that). For others, depending on your preferred fit, it's like a second skin.

Everyone has to know by now that the T-shirt one pulls over their head says a lot about them and the things they advocate for -- like bands and musicians, sense of humor, level of intellect, social interests, lifestyle, hobbies and politics. Even without words, a graphic on a T-shirt can connect you to your tribe, or get you invited into a new one.

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Explore, shop, and remember to close the door on your way out.

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Even if you're not dropping bank for any of the LDOTL Merch, I hope that you will continue to evolve as a human being, always find positive ways to take action and show your support for Visual and Performance Artists, Rural and Urban Farmers, and all of the Environmentalists and TreeHuggers of the World.

BTW If you read this far, you should know that the guy with the Lucha mask on is my dad.