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"Makers of Stuff for People Who Know Better."

"Makers of Stuff for People Who Know Better."

The Last Door on the Left is your final stop into the Never-ending Journey of "Must Haves" and "it" t-shirts.

For anyone who appreciates 100% cotton, heavy weight cotton and poly-cotton blends, a t-shirt is more than just a casual every day garment. These people know the t-shirt you pull over your head says a lot about you -- the things you like, the bands, musicians and sports teams you support, your social interests and politics. A t-shirt turns any person who wears one into a human billboard. Some people prefer to be Branded with corporate logos while others show their independance by avoiding those images like a plague.

So, even if you're not dropping bank to support any of our Last Door causes, we hope you will be inspired. And, as you continue to evolve as a human being, always remember to find positive ways to take action and show your support for Visual and Performance Artists, Rural and Urban Farmers, the Environmentalists and Tree Huggers of the world.

Explore, shop, and please close the door on your way out.

Thank you for visiting. And, remember all of us humans joining together can Make Earth Great Again. We must succeed, because there is no Planet "B".